Jamali , Hadi

Born in 1329, Shiraz,
graduated in interior architecture from the University of Arts,
Master of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, Islamic Azad University

Hadi Jamali Naghash is a member of the faculty of the Faculty of Architecture and a full member of the Iranian Painters’ Association.

Jamali is a lecturer in architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and in 1992 he wrote a book for students in this field and published two books about carpet design for carpet design students by Jihad Daneshgahi.

He has had various artistic activities, including: presenting art articles in university seminars and cultural centers, judging visual arts competitions and performing murals in Tehran.

His works are mostly known as an abstract style of expressionism and are influenced by Iranian forms and patterns, are influenced by a kind of Iranian seals and shoulders of architectural experience or its designs can be seen in his works.

Jamali has held many solo and group exhibitions in and outside the country.

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