Borujeni , Bahman

Bahman Borujeni son of poet and mystic Ali Akbar Borujeni (known as Sahba)is born in 1942 in Borujen.

He taught painting at University of Tarbiat Modares and Tehran University of Art, including a two years appointed as head of the University.

During his career so far, Bahman Borujeni has had solo and group exhibitions internationally, including Iran, France, Belgium, Japan, Norway, Switzerland and the United States (Corky Gallery New York, Modern Art in La Biennale Paris, Teheran Biennale, Nice Expo. …).

He won first prize for engraving at the Tehran Biennale and first prize of Art Contemporary Exhibition in Abyaz Palace. His work can be found in public and private collections, from the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Kerman Museum of Art to the Jacques Lassaigne Collection. His work has been sold at a number of international auctions, including Christie’s, Ader, Teheran auctions and Millon Paris.

In his youth, his works in engraving and lithography attracted attention of Jacques Lassaigne (director of the Paris Museum of Modern Art) and Marc Chagall, they offered him therefore a grant to participate in the Paris Biennale.
One of his work is the monumental 64 m2 fresco for the lobby of the Ministry of Agriculture in Tehran.

His permanent works and researches are shown in a lot of European exhibitions such as Grand Palais in Paris thoroughly as Expressionist Artist, but Bahman Borujeni has finally his own work style.

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