Mahjoubi , Hossein

Born in 1309 in Lahijan.

He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran (1338). Since then, in addition to painting, he has worked in the field of architecture, park construction and green space. The design of Saei Park in Tehran is one of his works in this field.
He held his first solo exhibition in Mehregan Teachers Club of Tehran (1337) and to date has had forty solo exhibitions, including: Saba Gallery (1342), Seyhoun Gallery (1347), Cyrus Gallery in Paris (1348), St. Paul’s Gallery in Stockholm (1352), Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (1362), Basgon Gallery in Stockholm (1364), Paris Gallery in Rafsanjan (1370), Orium Gallery in Switzerland (1371-78), Wiesbaden Municipality in Germany (1382) And Academy of Arts (1384). The painter’s studio, which is known as Ashian Naghsh and Mehr Gallery, has been dedicated to displaying new veiled works.

In all his years of artistic activity, Hossein Mahjoubi, influenced by his hometown of Lahijan, has depicted nature with specific elements of Tabriz trees, horses and houses, and beyond mere landscaping, he has tried to protest against technology and mechanism in the contemporary world. .

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