Yousefi , Davar

Born in Khalkhal in 1342,
he spent the first five years of his life in Khalkhal and in 1347 he moved with his family from Khalkhal to Rasht. He spent his studies in Rasht and became interested in painting as a child. Follows empirically.

In 1984, he went through personal experience of apprenticeship until the age of 26, and in 1989, he began to study painting at the university in earnest.
Yousefi received his bachelor’s degree in painting in 1372 and his master’s degree in painting in 1375 from the Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch. From 1378, he became a member of the faculty of the painting department of the same university, and since then, along with his professional activity as a painter, he has been teaching painting and drawing at Al-Zahra, Azad and Soura universities. Yousefi is a permanent member of the Iranian Painters Association. In addition, he has been a member of the jury of several art festivals and symposia.
He held his first solo exhibition in Aria Gallery in 1373, and after that he held several solo exhibitions in Aria Galleries of Free Designers, Berg, Artists’ House and Sarban, and more than 190 group exhibitions in Iran, Canada, Italy, Greece, South Korea. , Turkey, UAE and Kuwait and also participated in the second and sixth biennials of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Biennials of the Islamic World in the Saba Cultural Complex.
He has designed and executed several permanent mural projects with prominent mosaic and concrete techniques in Tehran.

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